Permanent Hiring

Triuniontech offers permanent and customized talent management solutions and recruitment services that help clients reduce cost and time associated with hiring the right talent. We understand that human resource is the pivotal element in success of any business, thus our focus is on finding exceptional candidates who can contribute to our clients success.

Our core strength lies in extensive industry mapping to understand the key trends and Industry conditions. Our team of expert consultants have years of experience with strong local presence and competence to identify and attract the right talent, hence ensuring superior services for our clients.

  • Just-in-time solution to help bridge the gaps on hiring process
  • Provide highly qualified, pre-screened, quality personnel for permanent employment
  • Competitive edge with access to a larger and qualified pool of candidates.
  • Strong local recruiting networks to locate top talent
  • Leverage on cost control and client's staff time
  • Flexible fee on successful on-boarding

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