The Distinct Market

Indian SaaS companies are expected to reach the $10 billion revenue mark in 2025, according to a report released by search major Google and early-stage investor Accel Partners. The report states India has over 500 SaaS startups currently, collectively earning $600 million in revenue. Globally, SaaS is expected to become a $132 billion revenue industry by 2020.

Many SaaS companies have big dreams and try to go after a distinct market segment to yield success. SaaS organisations aim at innovation, technology and niche markets to gain foothold in mainstream market scenario. Companies focus on niche markets with limited resources to expand their business and take it to great heights.

Human capital is integral part of this growth! Companies are in ever growing demand to hire quality resources who have strong technical expertise and the ability to plug and play immediately.

TriUnionTech completely understands this need of SaaS companies and provides top notch resources from its centralised database.

What We Do

The ground zero focus of any SaaS organisation is Big Data, Analytics and Cloud. We have a team of experts with strong experience who understands these distinct market segments. This team has done all the arduous tasks in specializing SaaS skills, understanding their ecosystem, mapping their roles and responsibilities and technical validation. The team expertise in building up a COE in every niche skill available in the market and provide variety of resources to the companies. We specialize in leadership hiring in Big Data, Cloud and Analytics.

How We Work

This team does continuous research, and keeps updated on trends, analysis in the ICT industry, with specific to Saas Market. In turn we build relevant database and keep them active. When a customer intends to hire a strategic resource, it becomes easier for us to understand client specific needs. We understand the client system, the need for this position. Backend we map these resources from our internal / external source. Create the fitment document (USP), and share prospective candidates to customer and set the overall platform in place. We work closely till the transaction is complete and handle it sensitively. Handling leadership hiring is a knack we have perfected it.

We have a perfect understanding of how this ecosystems work